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I just finished responding to a post on the Warrior Forum about Adsense, so I thought I would post it here as well, in case one of my readers gets some benefit from it.

The question asked was:

Is there a downside to having just one domain for a bunch of different niche sites for adsense revenue?I am building adsense niche sites, each with several content pages, and then submitting articles to directories for traffic. Sort of like Captain Tim Gorman does.

But I think he has a unique domain for each site he builds. Why not just have one domain for everything, with subdomains for each site?

Since traffic is going to be coming probably exclusively from article directories, it seems like one domain is all you’d need.

So for example, I’d have one domain:

And then for each niche I’d just add a subdomain like so:

Is there anything wrong with this?

Here’s my answer, especially after reading about 10-15 other replies, many of whom were complaining about how tough Google makes it for Adsense publishers, cancelling their accounts and so forth.

You can read the full post on the forum here: Google Adsense Question

So, here’s my response:

Interesting question… My opinion is that if you are only going to build sites with “several content pages” on a variety of different topics, that you would be better off going with individual domain names for each site.

That way, you can have the primary keyword of the site in the url itself. From an SEO point of view, that is definitely a benefit.

HOWEVER, I would encourage you to NOT build sites with just a few pages… That is a very short term thinking process when it comes to Adsense. In google’s eyes (more about them in a minute) its just a cheap’n’nasty site built just to earn income from Adsense (typically called MFA – Made For Adsense sites) and they don’t tend to like them.

You would achieve FARRRRR better results by building 1-2 bigger sites with as much unique content on them as possible, so that you target a broad range of keywords and ultimately draw in higher amounts of SE traffic.

I have 2 clients that have done this very thing, and when I added Adsense to their websites, their earnings went nuts in a very short period of time. One rose to over US$1000/month in her first month, and the other took several months longer, but has peaked at nearly $2000/month, with stable earnings over $1400/month.

I can guarantee you that if you build 20 sites with a few articles on each, you will NEVER earn that sort of money from them UNLESS you find some way to get HEAPS of dirt cheap or free traffic to them, and that will be tough unless you are willing to pay for it (PPC).

Now, to discuss the google issue…

I constantly see people complaining about their actions or living in fear of Google and their “supposed” arbitrary attitude to adsense site owners…

Folks, lets get one thing straight!

Google’s #1 PRIORITY (with adsense) is to protect the integrity of their advertising system & ensure that their advertisers (those people using the adwords system to put their ads out into the market place) do NOT get ripped off or scammed.

In Google’s eyes, a MFA site is nothing more than an annoyance to themselves AND their advertisers, especially if its a crappy quality site that truly offers NO value to visitors, except for the ad links there to be clicked on.

If google’s advertisers find that their ROI from using the content network to advertise (that’s what google calls the adsense network) is decreasing, or nose diving, then they will stop advertising using Adsense, which means google stops earning $$$ AND the adwords program gets a bad name with advertisers.

Think about it for 10 seconds, and forget about what YOU want (traffic, clicks & money) and you’ll immediately see that google MUST act to protect the integrity of their advertising system (after all, it’s their cash cow) AND they must protect their advertisers from people whose motives are less than pure, or their entire business model will stumble and fall rapidly, and they will fade into insignificance…

So, google is not being arbitrary about their rules to do with adsense sites, and nor are they out to “get you” … UNLESS you build crappy sites that offer no value to visitors and put their ads on them.

My two previously mentioned clients have large sites (well in excess of 100 unique pages), get lots of traffic (because they have lots of quality unique content) AND offer genuine value to the visitor WITHOUT adsense. They are google’s ideal sort of “client” when it comes to adsense, and hence they reward them for giving them (google) what they want, AND for offering an excellent site for their clients to advertise on.

Stop trying to nickel & dime your way to adsense riches. You won’t be the first to try, and certainly not the last, but all you will ultimately get for your troubles is grief & aggravation, and not much money at all…

Success with adsense comes from working WITHIN google’s rules & requirements, rather than trying to fight them. You could easily spend as much time building 1-2 larger, more helpful & high-value (to the visitor) sites as you could building 20 crappy sites, so why waste your time on the nickel & dime path, when it’s destined to never give you the results you want.

BTW: I know that tim gorman promotes this kind of method, but there’s lots going on in the background with Tim’s sites that you might not know about, and he’s not likely to divulge ALL of his secrets. PLUS, Tim builds his sites to be of genuine value to visitors, not just to fill electronic space so he can add adsense to them.

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  1. Missy says:


    I have another question similar to the one posed at Warrior.

    I run a vegetarian blog (Groovy and i noticed on a post i wrote on “veg myspace layouts” that it got alot of traffic, so i decided to round some up and dedicate a page solely for this. I registered a domain and it is re-directed it to this page.

    Should i create a seperate site for it? or leave it on my blog as a page?

    P.S. I found you through Performancing.

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